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The current well established corporates do not have enough capacity to absorb new entrants to the job market. Therefore there is an urgent need to create employment through starting up of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and advancing those that are already operating.

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PBC Background

To be a leading hub that transforms society in developing innovative ideas for entrepreneurship, economic development and market awareness for socio-economic solutions in Africa.

PBC exists to charge future leaders within the African continent by creating an eco-system of enterprise development to transform the mind-set of the youth from employment seekers to employment creators.

PBC aims to spark ideas that seeks to advance economic activity among the youth by establishing a culture of entrepreneurship that facilitates job creation and ultimately contributes to economic growth in Africa.

Our Long Term Aims
• To continuously create business opportunities.
• To create a culture of social entrepreneurship.
• To create an environment that seeks to explore and commercialize innovative ideas.

What We Do

These are our main focus areas.


The focus areas of the Peninsula Business Consortium (PBC) are targeted towards undergraduate students and graduates; the operations are therefore designed to create a platform for both parties to develop innovative ideas that will create sustainable employment opportunities in Africa. Through this program, students get to be equipped with the tools and skills to generate innovative ideas, which they later pitch to key stakeholders with the aim of launching sustainable enterprises.


Within the campus programme, students participate in a challenge where they assist struggling entrepreneurs within their local communities. This is where students group themselves and select a local business which they assist with the skills which they have obtained through their fields of learning and PBC programs. Students then formulate business models and strategies that can be used by the business within the local community.


A considerable number of co-operations and community joint project have been unsuccessful due to breakdown of communication and cooperation. PBC coordinates a suitable programme designed to fit every initiated venture. Exiting organisations struggles in this regarded and have lost investments.


PBC's strength is on the partners it partner with. We believe in collaborative relationships that will be of mutual benefit. In Africa we having a saying, "If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together"

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